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Smart garbage room

As intelligent classification products all over the country,A lot of urban garbage classification of the present trend is through intelligent garbage sorting equipment,By means of informatization,Complete rubbish、Garbage sorting delivery、Garbage sorting collection、Garbage classification pickup、Garbage classification to deal with the whole process of waste treatment such as intelligent management。

Device prizing type LPG bottles of library

Gas pry deck is a form of gas supply level,And liquid、Convenience、Specification and security features。As an integrated whole,The advantages of explosion-proof,Fire control facilities,Another small space,Can be used as a temporary building,Appearance is concise and beautiful,Easy to use,Mobile flexible。

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Elaborate gold used in quality,Tailored,Create city beautiful scenery line

Hangzhou gold used in intelligent technology co., LTD(Gold used in intelligence)Was founded2011Years,Is a set design、Research and development、Production、Sales、Service

For the integration of the intelligent technology co., LTD,The company makes close service,To create a green、Environmental protection、Convenient、The sustainable development of private ordering intelligent mobile space。

The main products of the company:Mobile villa、Device prizing type LPG bottles of library、Container、Mobile home、Traffic police box、

P silver pavilion、Security control box、Comprehensive law enforcement control box、Kiosks、Books and newspaper kiosk、Mobile toilets, etc。

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Focus on gold filled afterward.not control box of the latest information,To provide you with the latest dynamic

Say to the benefits of the box spraying color

Say to the benefits of the box spraying color

Many box manufacturers always think stainless steel box can be used for a long time,Think stainless steel box itself can prevent rust,But even if is also stainless steel...
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