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1.Welcome to the guangdong Taiwan milling machine、Surface grinding machine、Tapping machine、Relieving/Machine hall。 2.Warmly celebrate the abundance fort Ike authorized guangdong xiezhong milling machine for the Chinese People's Republic of China special dealers! 3.Taiwan wei sawing machine,Now all the arrival of the goods,The dealer please note,Welcome to order,The free service hotline400-8328-098。
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Dongguan xiezhong precision machinery co., LTD
The ground  The address:Dongguan step Lao fu chu shan guan zhang road town95Number
The electricity  Words:0769-82879459
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 Dongguan xiezhong precision machinery co., LTD. Is a company mainly engaged in machine tool、Mechanical equipment、Hardware mechanical and electrical products of the company 。

     The main agent for the sale:Machining center、Turning center(Numerical control lathe);Engraving and milling machine,Gantry machining center machine,Supporter walking silk in suzhou(Wire walking)Wire cutting machine、Spark machine、Punch,Taizhou fast walking thread cutting;Taiwan wei sawing machine;Shanghai second forging punch,Radial drilling machine;Nantong shearing machine、Bending machine;Is general milling machine,Housed milling machine,Taiwan feng fort milling machine,Grinding machine,Jie yong of milling machine,Guangzhou xin precision surface grinding machine,Building heart,Popular rock,The rich can such as precision grinding machine in Taiwan,Nantong surface grinding machine,Baoji lathe,The south lathe,Sales:Planer,Lathe、Precision grinding machine、Hydraulic press、Optical measurement equipment、Wire cutting parts、Consumable materials、Horizontal milling machine,Precision lathe on the table,Electronic scale,Machine tool accessories、Spare parts、And machine maintenance services.Welcome to call to inquire!

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