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Daqing fluorine plastic for jiangsu、Zhejiang、Guangdong、Fujian、Shandong、Shanghai provide four fluorine lining、Four fluorine lining、Four fluorine board lining、Section four fluorine tower、Four fluorine lining、Pure ptfe slots、Four fluorine lining pipes、Outsourcing four fluorine roller、Four fluorine tank lining、PFALining equipment、Four fluorine lining

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Our company is a domestic fluorine industry leader,Specializing in the production of large lined with four Fluorine equipment and ptfe products;Company introduction of foreign advanced production technology and technology and constantly research and development And progress,All kinds of products can fully meet the customer requirements.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions,Welcome to this inquiry。We will be in24Hours of reply。We will strictly confidential personal information。Note:The table below*Part is required

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Four fluorine anticorrosive equipment have shim installation

2015-09-23Believe everyone already know something about transform four fluorine anticorrosive equipment,Next to introduce in order to increase the pad iron and four fluorine anticorrosive equipment foundation contact area,To reduce the pressure、To improve the stability of the installation,Often used......

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